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How we Purify our Water

The best proven technologies produce our healthy, great tasting water. Made naturally, no chemicals are added or used in our process!

1. Ion Exchange
Pre-treats water to remove reddish brown iron and scaling minerals.
2. Sediment Filtration
Removes large particles such as sand, silt and rust.
3. Activated Carbon Filtration
Removes unpleasant taste and odour, chlorine, THM’s, volatile organic contaminants, herbicides and pesticides.
4. Reverse Osmosis
Water is forced through a membrane removing up to 99% of dissolved solids such as lead, copper, sodium, nitrates, salts and bacteria.
5. Carbon Block Filtration
Removes organic chemicals and polishes the purified water for superior taste.
6. Ultraviolet Sterilization
This final stage ensures that any remaining bacteria is destroyed before the water is dispensed into your bottle.
Self-Serve Ozone Bottle Rinse
Rinse your bottle with ozone infused water. Ozone acts as a disinfectant to inhibit growth of microorganisms and breaks down to simple oxygen.
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