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Crystal CLASSIC Softener

A high-efficient solution to high hardness & high volume

  • 9100 SXT valve with a proven reputation for trouble-free
  • operation
  • Soft water 24/7
  • 10% ChlorResist resin
    Zero-waste design


$ 2,895 Installed

or $52/mo OAC


SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 on this high-efficiency softener!



Salt & Water Savings*

Save up to 600 lbs salt and 7,200 gals/yr water compared to a
standard metered softener. It’s easier on the environment too!

Total Savings over 5 years

Reduce your total cost of ownership up to $1,350
with less salt to purchase & lower water bills
* Savings are based on a standard metered softener
in a 4 person household with 25 grains hardness.


Proven Trouble-Free Valve

Top quality Pentair Fleck 9100 SXT control
valve, with a proven reputation for trouble-
free operation

User Friendly LCD Display

Shows time of day and gallons remaining

Soft Water 24/7

Never run out of soft water with a twin-tank system, even with
a house full off guests or doing loads of laundry. One softening
tank is in use while the second tank acts as a backup and is
always ready to go

High Efficiency Features

Adjustable Cycle Times

We program your softener
to use less salt and water

Enhanced Salt Setting

We adjust the salt dosage
and capacity to maximize
salt efficiency

Meters Water Use

Regenerates only when
necessary unlike time
clocks on preset days

Zero-Waste Design

The system uses 100% of its
capacity before regenerating,
saving both salt and water.

Compare to single tank
softeners that trigger at 66%
capacity, regenerating even
with hundreds of gallons
capacity left.

Reliability & Longevity Features

ChlorResist Softening Resin

Premium, 10% cross-link resin provides up to 50% longer life and increased capacity. It’s stronger and more resistant to the chlorine found in city water, than softeners with 8% resin. Under a normal residential application, 10% cross-link resin should not breakdown and need replacing over the lifespan of the softener.

Soft Water Recharge

Cleaner operation with
improved reliability, and
extended softener life by
regenerating with soft water
from the second tank.

Reinforced Tank

Extra strong fiberglass
reinforced softening tank
with 10 year warranty

Safety & Convenience Features

Power Outage Protection

No need to reset the timer
during a power outage for
up to 48 hours.

Salt Tank Safety Float

Peace of mind operation –
prevents water overflow
in salt tank

Bypass Valve

Easy-to-use. Turn ‘off’ your
softener without disrupting
water flow in your home.

Choose with Confidence

We’re your local water experts with over 40 years of experience and integrity

Superior Warranty

5 year warranty control valve
10 year on softening & salt tanks

Certified Performance

NSF/ANSI Certified to Standard 44 for
softener performance and efficiency

Dependable Quality

Designed, engineered &
assembled in Canada and USA

Recognized for Integrity

A+ Rating. See our rating online
Accredited Since 1981

Dedicated to Professionalism

Commited to on-going training and
staying abreast of industry technology

Qualified Technicians

Installed by one of our industry-
trained water treatment experts

The Ultimate Water Experience

With soft water, you can protect yourself
and your home from hard water damage.

Silky, Soft Skin & Hair

Silky skin after showering,
shaving & washing. Hair is
softer, radient & manageable.

Cleaner Home

Less time cleaning showers
& fixtures. Softer, brighter
laundry. Spot-free dishware.

Greater Savings

50% savings on cleaners &
body care products. Up to 29%
savings on hot water energy.

Protects Appliances

Reduce scale buildup so
water-using appliances have
less repairs & last longer.

Easier on the Environment Too!

Reduced cleaners, detergents and body care products means
less chemicals going down the drain into the environment.


Model Resin Per Tank (cu.ft.) Media Tank Size A x B (in.) Softener Size D x A x C (in.) Salt Tank Size E x F (in.) Optional Salt Tank G x H (in.)
CC 9120 SXT .75 8 x 44 19 x 8 x 52 14 x 34 33 x 14
CC 9130 SXT 1.00 9 x 48 21 x 9 x 56 14 x 34 35 x 14
CC 9145 SXT 1.50 10 x 54 23 x 10 x 62 14 x 34 37 x 14
CC 9160 SXT 2.00 12 x 52 27 x 12 x 60 18 x 40 45 x 18
CC 9190 SXT 3.00 14 x 65 31 x 14 x 73 18 x 40 49 x 18




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