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Crystal VISION Softener

High-efficiency, great price

  • Reliable design, 765 valve with minimal moving parts
  • Meters water use
  • User-friendly LCD screen


$ 1,695 Installed

or $31/mo OAC


SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 on this high-efficiency softener!



Salt & Water Savings*

Save up to 380 lbs salt and 3,600 gals/yr water compared to a
standard metered softener. It’s easier on the environment too!

Total Savings over 5 years

Reduce your total cost of ownership up to $675
with less salt to purchase & lower water bills
* Savings are based on a standard metered softener
in a 4 person household with 25 grains hardness.


765 Series Control Valve

NSF Certified, electronic downflow control valve with reliable piston, seal & spacer technology

Reliable, Time-tested Design

Single piston design minimizes moving parts

User-Friendly LCD Display

Shows time of day, regeneration mode and gallons remaining

High Efficiency Features

Adjustable Cycle Times

We program your softener
to use less salt and water

Meters Water Use

Regenerates only when
necessary unlike time
clocks on preset days

Reliability & Longevity Features

Quality 8% Cross-link Resin

Strong, more chlorine
resistant than
6% cross-link resin.

Reinforced Tank

Extra strong fiberglass
reinforced softening tank
with 10 year warranty

Safety & Convenience Features

Power Outage Protection

No need to reset the timer
during a power outage for
up to 48 hours.

Salt Tank Safety Float

Peace of mind operation –
prevents water overflow
in salt tank

Bypass Valve

Easy-to-use. Turn ‘off’ your
softener without disrupting
water flow in your home.

Choose with Confidence

We’re your local water experts with over 40 years of experience and integrity

Superior Warranty

5 year warranty control valve
10 year on softening & salt tanks

Certified Performance

NSF/ANSI Certified to Standard 44 for
softener performance and efficiency

Dependable Quality

Designed, engineered &
assembled in Canada and USA

Recognized for Integrity

A+ Rating. See our rating online
Accredited Since 1981

Dedicated to Professionalism

Commited to on-going training and
staying abreast of industry technology

Qualified Technicians

Installed by one of our industry-
trained water treatment experts

The Ultimate Water Experience

With soft water, you can protect yourself
and your home from hard water damage.

Silky, Soft Skin & Hair

Silky skin after showering,
shaving & washing. Hair is
softer, radient & manageable.

Cleaner Home

Less time cleaning showers
& fixtures. Softer, brighter
laundry. Spot-free dishware.

Greater Savings

50% savings on cleaners &
body care products. Up to 29%
savings on hot water energy.

Protects Appliances

Reduce scale buildup so
water-using appliances have
less repairs & last longer.


Reduced cleaners, detergents and body care products means
less chemicals going down the drain into the environment.


Model Resin (cu. ft.) Media Tank Size A x B (in.) Softener Height C (in.) Salt Tank Size D x E (in.) Optional Salt Tank D x E (in.)
CH76520 .75 8 x 44 51 14 x 34 11 x 35
CH76530 1.00 9 x 48 55 14 x 34 11 x 35



Upgrade to a Whole Home System today and breathe cleaner, healthier air, free from chlorine and VOC's, while showering and extend the life of your water softener resin.

Filtered Water

The Chlorstop removes Chlorine, Chloramine, VOC’s, microplastics, PFAs, and other troublesome contaminants from every tap.

Softened water

The Perform Softener removes hardness minerals that cause scale build up on plumbing fixtures and shower doors.

Purified Water

The Platinum RO System produces pure drinking water by removing contaminants such as sodium, lead, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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Dianne Hanford
Dianne Hanford
20:40 31 May 24
I have been a very satisfied Crystal Clear Water customer for many years. Austin was at my house this afternoon to change my R/O filters. Austin is professional, efficient, knowledgeable and very personable. Thank you.
Jim Blackwell
Jim Blackwell
15:44 28 Apr 24
After shopping around for a Water Softener we ended talking with Gary at Crystal Clear on University Ave. in Waterloo. Gary is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, answered ALL of our sometimes complicated questions, and provided a relaxed no pressure sales experience.Our system was installed by Murray who also gave us a very experienced, professional, and tidy looking installation. Murray fully explained everything we needed to know and our installation looks fantastic.Terrific experience on all levels, and I can VERY HIGHLY recommend the team at Crystal Clear for everything they have done for us.Don't buy any products for your home water needs until you talk to Crystal Clear!
Esther Leung
Esther Leung
02:05 21 Feb 24
My husband craves Crystal Clear water. We finally gave up on questionable tasting Kitchener tap water, even when using a Brita filter. Highly recommend for its price, customer service, and quality!
Murray Schnider
Murray Schnider
13:00 28 Aug 23
Great place to get a new water softener. Excellent sales staff and service technicians. Reasonable pricing options.
Ray Singh
Ray Singh
16:18 06 Mar 23
The Staff at Crystal Clear Water Centers are very friendly and great to deal with for Water conditioning equiptment. I recently purchased a Crystal Maxx Water softener from Lisa who provided recommendations based on my real water useage and the unit is working exactly as per specification on water use and regeneration. Gary and Alex provided me with the technical data for my final decision on purchasing the unit. Paul and Kevin the installer completed an excellent installation placement of the equiptment. I am extremely pleased and happy for all of the help provided by this company. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a new water softener for their friendly attitude to their professionalism with quality equiptment.
David Seljak
David Seljak
20:49 16 Dec 22
100% recommend this place for parts and repairs to water softeners. Very friendly, competent staff! Kudos to the front desk crew, but also to parts expert Alex. I had a miscommunication with my plumber that meant I had to return several times to the store--with returns--in one day. Everyone was super helpful and super patient. Next time I'll just use their service technicians to save money and time.
20:48 23 Jul 22
Great place to get your water refilled, it's a bang for the bucks.
16:33 23 Jun 22
Incredibly nice staff! Great tasting high quality water for a reasonable low price! 10/10, couldn’t ask for more
Dean Beauregard
Dean Beauregard
14:24 23 Apr 22
RO water is amazing, I can't drink anything else anymore. The carwash RO dispensers around town are nasty compared to crystal clear!!!!!
Elaine Ruddock
Elaine Ruddock
16:25 05 Feb 22
Our old house had a Kinetico water system in it and we used Crystal Clear to service it. So it was an easy decision to use them to install a Kinetico softener and RO system when we moved to a new house. From start to finish they were professional and efficient, and their Customer Service has been exemplary!
Mack 'nfrenzy
Mack 'nfrenzy
22:40 16 Dec 21
Services to book appointment was prompt and really helpful! Our technician Jordan was awesome and super informative! Thanks guys!
Siriki Priyanka
Siriki Priyanka
00:00 30 Nov 21
Nice place to get clean water, but I wish they had a service to add amount to the card online from home.
02:18 22 Nov 21
Tasty water but, water machine does give water less than the actual quantity. Service is good. Staffs are kind and helpful to carry water bottles.
Tin Tin
Tin Tin
21:32 13 Oct 21
Good professional folks
Will Schuurman
Will Schuurman
15:19 28 Sep 21
I recently had Crystal Clear install a RO water filtration system in my home so that we could have a filtered water option at our kitchen sink. The customer service was exceptional, the install was smooth, and they followed up a few weeks later to ensure that we were happy with the product and that all was working smoothly. All-in-all, it was a wonderful experience and I'd highly recommend them!
Paul Montague
Paul Montague
20:24 31 Jul 21
I can't believe I hadn't written a review for these guys a long time ago. We've purchased many different water filtering products from them, over the last 15 - 20 years. They have been excellent. We live in the country with our own well so we have everything from Iron Filters and UV, to Softner and R.O. for drinking. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Norma Regacho
Norma Regacho
11:42 17 Jul 21
Nice and clean.staff very helpful..
Sergey Pavlov
Sergey Pavlov
13:44 12 Mar 21
Good place. Get your water here
Healy Thompson
Healy Thompson
20:20 13 Jan 21
We are renting a water softener from Crystal Clear Water Centres. I had a great experience working with the salesperson and with the technician who installed the softener.
Ian Kent
Ian Kent
02:07 06 Nov 20
Best deal on water in K-W, convenient dispensing, and friendly staff.
Ben Tight
Ben Tight
01:16 10 Oct 20
Excellent spot to get good tasty water for a reasonable price. Friendly and helpful staff.
Katrina Spitzer
Katrina Spitzer
14:26 15 Aug 20
It is so convenient to fill your own water jugs in the vestibule. They have convenient hours from 6am to 10pm. It is always clean especially with the sterilization that they continue to do through out the day.
David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson
16:22 24 Jul 20
Easy access. Slow to enter a purchase of RO cartridges into their computer system.
Trevor Leslie
Trevor Leslie
13:21 09 Mar 20
Dennis and his crew were great. Competitive pricing and fast turn around! Very Good!
Maurice Sachs
Maurice Sachs
13:28 22 Feb 20
We go to get bottled water there like the service and they help carry bottles out with a smile 😊 all though as child we had a nice spring water never thought we'd be buying water now from anyone. Thank you for your service.
Ed Grabasandwich
Ed Grabasandwich
00:38 16 Feb 20
Great tasting water and friendly service. I absolutely love my Kinetico water softener!
mahshid ostovar
mahshid ostovar
02:49 09 Feb 20
Helpful, friendly and polite staff.Great water!
Brian D
Brian D
01:45 08 Jan 20
Knowledgeable staff (if you get the right guys) and good capabilities for testing and solving your water problems.
02:14 06 Jul 19
Prices were fair, not outstanding. Water quality seems to be adequate. Knowledgeable staff, knew both the tds and ph of the water off the top of his head which is great
14:57 25 Jun 19
Great services & friendly staffs
Ilya Zholdakov
Ilya Zholdakov
16:38 29 Mar 19
A convenient location, friendly staff. Once in three months they have discounted water plans.
Helga Peller
Helga Peller
16:12 17 Mar 19
Everything was awesome for the sales to installation!
Wayne Cheater
Wayne Cheater
21:41 28 Feb 19
Only good surprises - While the Softener and R/O system and installation are not low priced they are very good quality and the stated performance is very high. The delivery and installation were completed within three days.
Bonnie Tang
Bonnie Tang
22:09 24 Sep 18
The experience was excellent from my first call to inquire about my options to the final installation. Lisa answered all my questions and was very professional. I would definitely recommend them to my friends!
B Ueb
B Ueb
20:04 23 Jul 18
Been getting our drinking water from them for years. Always perfectly pure.
I Keesame
I Keesame
23:27 10 Apr 18
Always helpful and friendly.
Rudi Feichtinger
Rudi Feichtinger
00:50 31 Mar 18
Way back in 2016 I had a 'Table Top' style water distiller repaired. It had been in continual use for almost 20 years! I was very pleased with the service technician, Murray R. He took the time to explain all his work and gave me a plastic bag with ALL the old worn out parts he replaced. He even said to call him if I noticed any issues. Well, that was 2 years ago and this machine (still in use every day) doesn't show a week of wear. (BTW, we bought this machine from 'Crystal Clear' over 20 years ago.) Outstanding build quality.
Brandon Chaves
Brandon Chaves
16:19 09 Feb 16
When my water softener brine tank filled up with water, the manufacture recommended me to Clear Water. Great service. Wayne was very helpful diagnosing my softener problem and quickly set me up with a appointment. When the tech Kevin showed up he was friendly, professional, and proficient. He quickly repaired my softener back to working state. Overall I am very impressed and if I need service or a new softener in the future I will definitely be going back! Thanks for the help!
Carlo Fusco
Carlo Fusco
14:44 21 Nov 15
Great location, easy to get to, wait for their sales.
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